Cyberpunk 2077 Endings Publication: Simple tips to Unlock Them, Such as the Secret Conclude

Cyberpunk 2077 Endings Publication: Simple tips to Unlock Them, Such as the Secret Conclude

There are multiple endings in Cyberpunk 2077 one to account for your alternatives and want that bring additional endgame routes.

Cyberpunk 2077 is full of alternatives, although not all of them count otherwise have a big affect how the video game shakes out, some are monumental. Most of these choices are mirrored into the Cyberpunk 2077’s finish–that which you intend to do and you may the person you intend to do it with alters the choices as you approach Cyberpunk’s final act, whilst altering everything you you’ll see if the dust settles.

We compiled the information you should know to aid your elizabeth, possibly to obtain the conclude one best fits the take on protagonist V, or perhaps to make it easier to get a hold of each and every version. Definitely consult our very own front journey book you to definitely runs off everything you have to do up until the Area off Zero Go back, to help you definitely unlock most of the you’ll be able to conclude possibilities.

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Needless to say, this post includes enormous spoilers. We are going to keep non-crucial pointers down, but when you need to have the avoid regarding Cyberpunk 2077 naturally, we advice you avoid discovering today.

How to choose And therefore Stop You earn Inside Cyberpunk 2077

There are a couple of areas where your choices dictate how the brand new finale out of Cyberpunk 2077 plays away. Everything begins with the fresh new dialogue you may have that have Hanako Arasaka adopting the Part out-of No Come back, regarding the Nocturn OP55N1 fundamental jobs. Shortly following, you’ll be able to return to Vik’s ripper doc doing work room, and match Misty up to the fresh balcony and work out a great decision on exactly how to proceed.

Right here, you have made several options centered on what you have over in the game. For people who been one personal relationship together with other emails, you should have a chance to refer to them as one last time. Upcoming, you will have to choose which way to go so you’re able to Mikoshi.

The standard path, for those who unlocked not one of your own other people, would be to grab Hanako’s offer. For individuals who done Johnny’s front quests Chippin’ Inside the and you can Blistering Love, Johnny will try so you’re able to persuade you to help your take close control away from V’s looks and assault Arasaka Tower with Rogue. Incase your complete Panam’s trip line, you should have the option of getting in touch with inside assistance from the fresh new Aldecaldos.

Hanako’s Deal

For people who deal with Hanako’s agreement, you are getting a corporate-centered finish where you let this lady handle her sister, Yorinobu, getting command over Arasaka. The plan is for V so you can testify about Yorinobu to the Arasaka panel. Remember that by taking about conclude, you may be basically turning your back to the Johnny. This you will depict your very best risk of obtaining biochip got rid of, it ends up you from having the possibility to damage Mikoshi.

Make the choice to cope with Hanako and you will score a keen endgame that is heavily according to permitting the girl wrest command over the business out of her sis, Yorinobu. This new missions one to take you into end including wade a absolutely nothing in a different way according to your options for the tale objective Play They Safer. For folks who stored Takemura throughout that mission, he’ll be available in order to, which could make this finish rather convenient. Otherwise, you’re going to have to deal with Hellman, who may have way less useful. .

After you finish the endgame missions, you can enter the epilogue purpose, called Where Was My Attention. They sees V check out a keen Arasaka orbital channel to locate the operations he needs to conserve your in the biochip. You’ll have an extra options one decides one last stop: V can either get in on the Secure Your Spirit program, hence transforms them toward a keen engram like Johnny try, otherwise is return to Environment and you may an unclear fate. Once more, if you stored Takemura, he’s going to contribute to the brand new epilogue. Additionally, it is value detailing that protecting Takemura and you will going for this finish unlocks a success/Trophy dubbed This new Demon.

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